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Rules & Regulations

The purpose of the website, Retired Active Women, is for women to connect, create friendships and have fun! To that end, we have some rules that will help everyone have the best possible experience.

Member Profile & Verification

For the safety of everyone, we should be able to see who we are communicating with on this site. Therefore, we ask members to post a real, recent profile picture of themselves. (No animals, flowers, babies, etc. as your profile picture.)

Prohibited Comments, Topics, Behavior

Our purpose is for women to connect, support each other and have fun together. We want to discover and celebrate what we have in common, regardless of differing lifestyles and beliefs.

We believe women should be able to share their life experiences and it is okay if others have not had the same life experiences. We believe it is valuable to connect with people who are different from us and we encourage members to listen to each other respectfully, consider what was communicated and respond with kindness, respect and integrity. Therefore, we will allow women to write and speak about their own life experiences, including their spirituality and political actions, as long as it is about their own experiences, and it is not an attempt to convince anyone else to agree with them.

Any speech, writing or behavior that attacks or harasses a woman for her lived experiences and beliefs are prohibited.  

For legal reasons, we cannot allow members to give each other misinformation, disinformation, malinformation, or medical, legal or financial advice.  Again, you can speak about your own experience, but do not give other members advice unless you are a professional who they are paying for the advice.

Misinformation: Unintentional mistakes such as innacturate photo captions, dates, statistics, translations, or when satire is taken seriously.

Disinformation: Fabricated or deliberately manipulated audio/visual content.  Intentionally created conspiracy theories or rumors.

Malinformation: Deliberate publication of private information for personal or corporate rather than public interest, such as revenge porn.  Deliberate change of context, date or time of genuine content.

Members are also prohibited from purposely engaging in any polarizing comments, topics or conversations on this site, or at events started by this website. Therefore, we encourage our members to avoid political topics that can cause disagreements or arguments.

Polarizing means to break up into opposing factions or groupings. In our case, polarizing means any speech, writing or behavior that is rude, hateful, attacking, harassing, discriminatory, demeans others or is purposely trying to cause arguments and discord. Polarizing speech or writing also includes repeating or copying any such comments or behavior that originated from a source outside of Retired Active Women.

Polarizing Example: Lilies are the best flowers, and anyone who prefers roses is an idiot.

Non-polarizing example: (Focus on your own life experiences)

I have a flower bed of lilies in my front yard! I used to have roses, but I prefer the scent of lilies.

We will delete any polarizing comments and send the member an explanation for the deletion. If the member continues to make polarizing comments, they will be removed from the site with no reimbursement.

If you are not sure if a comment or topic is polarizing, you may email us and ask. We will not be angry at the question. We appreciate honest attempts to communicate without being polarizing.

Responsibility During Local Events

Members have the ability to create local social events, in which they invite other women in their area to have fun in person!

Our Terms and Conditions that you signed upon registration states that the administrators of Retired Active Women, third party services AND members who create local social events are NOT responsible for any incidents, accidents or injuries that may occur during a local event.

We recommend that you apply caution when meeting another member for the first time. We suggest that for a first meeting with another member, you do not meet alone or in a private location.

Again, make sure you follow the rules of comments, topics and behavior at local social events.  Avoid polarizing topics & conversations. Keep the focus on finding out what everyone has in common. And have fun!

Inviting Other Women to be Members

For the safety of the community, make sure that anyone you invite to Retired Active Women is a real woman who is retired or nearing retirement. Please make sure you know whoever you invite, and don’t invite just anyone who friends you on Facebook that you haven’t met in person.

Updated Sept. 29, 2022

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