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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Retired Active Women?

The mission of Retired Active Women is to help retired women, women nearing retirement and/or women over 50-years-old around the world to connect with each other, discover common interests and support each other in creating fun, active and friend-filled lives!


What do I get with my membership to Retired Active Women?

You will be joining a community of retired women and women nearing retirement around the world who all want to be active, connect with each other and support each other in creating fun, friend-filled lives. As a member, you may participate in guided live zoom chats and games with other members, join or start book clubs, join or start local social events or activities with other members, participate in our online special events and join our group international trips. You may also check out our volunteer opportunity resource page, blogs written by administrators, guests, and members, and advertise your own post-retirement business. You will also be able to join our private Facebook Group, where you can easily share posts and photos, and have discussions with other members.


Is there an extra fee for any of your services?

There will be no extra costs for anything except international group trips. All other services are included in your membership fee.


There may be costs for a local social event, such as food, drinks, entertainment, etc.


Do I have to be retired to join Retired Active Women

No. This community is for retired women, women who consider themselves to be nearing retirement and women who are at least 50-years old.


Can a man join Retired Active Women?

No. Retired Active Women is a social community for women. A member may invite a man to a local social event that allows the inclusion of males, or on an international group trip that allows male guests.


Can anyone in the world join Retired Active Women?

Yes, any retired woman, woman nearing retirement or woman over 50-years-old may join Retired Active Women, as long as we in the United States are allowed to do business with their country or region. We do specify that all of our website communications will be in English. Private messaging and local events may be in whatever language is appropriate to the situation.


Most of our virtual chats and online special events will be based on American time, which may be very late at night or early morning for other countries.


Do I have to be a certain age to join Retired Active Women?

No. We know retirement can happen at any age.


Do I have to show a real photo of myself on the Retired Active Women website?

Yes. For everyone’s safety, we should all know that we are communicating with real Retired Active Women or women nearing retirement. The photos will only be used for your profile picture and will not be used in any other way.


Is my information safe when I join Retired Active Women?

Yes. Our website in run by an established platform with top internet security and we WILL NOT sell or share any of your information. We hate it when people do that to us, so we will not do it to you!


What kind of international group trips does Retired Active Women have planned?

We plan to have a several group trips a year. If we have enough members interested to fill even more trips, we can add to the schedule.

We will be constantly adding new trips to the schedule and working hard to get the best prices for our members.


Group trips will have an additional cost beyond the Retired Active Women membership fee.

You can see more about our group trips at Retired Active Women Travel.


If my Retired Active Women international group trip is cancelled or I cancel my trip, will I be refunded?

Each tour company may have different cancellation policies. We will clearly give the cancellation policy when posting trip information. You can also purchase travel insurance that covers you in all situations, including cancellations.


What kinds of Local Social Events can members organize?

Local events can be anything! Coffee gatherings, wine tastings, attending local sports games, morning walks, shopping trips, going to movies, day trips to local historical sites, concerts, etc!


On our website, you can advertise any local event where you may want company! The originator of a local event can also decide if non-member guests are allowed at the event.

On our Local Social Events page, we have many ideas for gatherings. The page also contains a discussion space for members to recommend ideas for Local Social Events and to share their experiences at such events.


If I start a local event, am I responsible if someone gets hurt?

No, the organizer of a Local Social Event is not responsible for accidents. (We checked with our lawyer on this one.) When members join Retired Active Women, they sign a policies page that includes the provision of not holding anyone else responsible for any injury or incident at a local event started by someone else. Of course, anyone causing injury intentionally is responsible for their actions.


Do you record online chats or events they can be watched at a later time?

No. We will not record online chats or games. If we record an online event, it will be clearly stated in advance so participants will know it will be recorded.


Who is running the Retired Active Women website?

The owners of Retired Active Women are two sisters who want active, fun and friend-filled retirements and decided to create a community to do just that! We also have an amazing team who are teaching or helping in other ways.


Why is there a cost for this website community?

There are a lot of start-up costs and monthly maintenance fees in order to run a membership website. Your subscription price comes out to an affordable $12 a month if you choose the monthly plan, and $8 a month if you choose a one time yearly payment. The fee helps us keep the website and community going for your benefit.


This is also our post-retirement business. We believe every woman has a right to have a pre and/or post-retirement business of her own. To that end, our website will also have a page to help advertise your own business, if you wish.


Will Retired Active Women donate to any charities?

Yes! We will donate 100% of the proceeds from some of the affiliate organizations to charities. Each co-owner of the website has her own favorite charities where she donates.


Are there any topics prohibited on Retired Active Women?

The goal of Retired Active Women is to celebrate what we all have in common, despite any differing religious, political, etc. beliefs. Therefore, we have a rule to avoid any polarizing topics and keep the focus on fun, friendship, and what we have in common.


For legal reasons we cannot allow disinformation, misinformation, malinformation, medical advice, legal advice or financial advice in the website or our Facebook Group.


We do believe that members can mention their personal spirituality, as long as they are speaking of only their personal experience and do not judge anyone else or try to convince anyone of their own point of view.


We ask that no one discusses political points of view, that no one judges others based on perceived political points of view, that no one tries to convince others towards their own political point of view and that no one repeats the political speech of anyone connected to politics.


Can I send and receive messages from other members of Retired Active Women?

Yes! Our website has a private messaging feature. You may also message other members through our private Facebook Members Only group.


Will my monthly or yearly subscription automatically renew?


Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You may cancel at any time during your first one-week trial period and your credit card will not be charged at all. Otherwise, you can cancel at any time and we will not charge your card on the next monthly or yearly payment date.


How can I contact Retired Active Women?

Our email is

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