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Retired Active Women

An Online Community with Offline Fun
for Mature Women
Very Important Announcement!

We are switching to a new Retired Active Women Connections Website.
Current Members, see your new join code in the email we sent to you.  

New Members, join us at
Who Are We?

Retired Active Women is a community created by mature women for mature women.
We help retired women, women nearing retirement and/or women over 50-years-old to support each other in living our best active lives possible as we approach and enjoy our retirements.

Why the Word Active? 

The word "Active" in the name of our community reminds us of the importance of staying physically, mentally and emotionally active before and during our retirements.

We believe being active in all these ways helps to create more positivity and fun in our lives. Therefore, all of our online activities and offline adventures are intended to help in the pursuit of being physically, mentally and emotionally active. We invite you to join us on this journey! 

Website Features You Will Love!

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Local Groups

Local Groups & Local Events
Where You Live

Group Travel & Find Member Travel Companions

Advertise Your Business to  Website & FB Members


Book Discussions
Join or Start Your Own

Movie & TV Show Discussions
Join or Start Your Own 

Virtual Chats
Meet Members Online

On Topics for Mature Women

Share & Discuss

Food & Gardening
Recipes & Discussion


Find Volunteer Opportunities
Share Volunteer Experiences

Get Support Being Physically, Mentally & Emotionally Active

Make New Friends



  • Private message any member

  • Live online chat with any member currently online

  • Do live video chats with your local groups

  • Promote yourself or your event

  • Share your favorite things and recommendations

  • Contribute a blog

And more!


Local Groups are separate, smaller groups within our website for
members who live in, or are visiting, specific locations. 

  • Chat on your Local Group's own separate discussion feed

  • Do a LIVE video for only your Local Group

  • Start or join a Zoom Chat for your Local Group

  • Start or join a local gathering for your Local Group

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If we don't have your location, we can add it after you join!

About Us

The Retired Active Women community was started by two sisters, both in our upper 50's, one retired and one nearing retirement. We both want our retirement years to be physically, mentally and emotionally active, filled with fun and friends. In fact, what we really want is to be connected to a community of women who feel the same way!

We started by connecting our own two groups of retired and nearing retirement friends. Since we are sisters and our friends live in different areas of the country, we needed to find a way for everyone to communicate. The best solution was to create a website that combines a variety of ways for us to share, encourage each other, have fun together and stay mentally emotionally and physically active! 

This Retired Active Women membership community is an advanced version of our first website, designed so mature women from around the world can easily navigate all our features, have a wide variety of ways to connect with each other and create more fun in our lives! 

Retired Active Women administrators taking a selfie while on a bike ride.

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